a drawn walk back from making a video walking towards Matt (his video). Made for The Bridge's WALK THE CITY project. (walk from here to here)

Warren’s walkin’ comics. (walkomix? walkcomics?). It’s a form that works p. well in comics. There’s a bunch of good ones. Somebody should write up a list and write about the varieties and possibilities.

I’ve only ever had one “intern,” and that was many years ago now. Anyways his name was Dmitri Jackson—check out his comic “Blackwax Boulevard” on Tumblr.

“Blackwax Boulevard is a slice-of-life look at an eclectic group of record store clerks and the strange customers they must endure, while trying to keep their struggling store open for business. See nerds, punks, metalheads, teenyboppers, bohos, hobos and every music lover in between explore life, pop culture and the eternally dusty record bin. Updates every Monday!”


Child in the womb,
Or saint on a tomb —
Which way shall I lie
To fall asleep?
The keen moon stares
From the back of the sky,
The clouds are all home
Like driven sheep.

Bright drops of time,
One and two chime,
I turn and lie straight
With folded hands;
Convent-child, Pope,
They choose this state,
And their minds are wiped calm
As sea-leveled sands.

So my thoughts are:
But sleep stays as far,
Till I crouch on one side
Like a foetus again —
For sleeping, like death,
Must be won without pride,
With a nod from nature,
And a lack of strain,
And a loss of stature.


— Philip Larkin. Via Maud Newton. Filed under: sleep. (via mlarson)

(via austinkleon)

Anonymous said: しゅうまい君は何をエネルギーに生きているのでしょうか?



-by Frank King

"…so we see the search that characterizes the deluded mind is for a profound “answer.” The simple answer is that the simple and the profound are the same thing, that flatness and roundness and identity and non-identity coexist in a larger dimension of emptiness. Simple obvious everyday mind, thoughts, and things are in fact “profound” and a path to liberation in the sense that they make up part of a wide and deep co-ordinated co-dependent symbol space which is always dialectically in motion. And this dialectic movement proceeds, via the mirroring of emptiness itself-as-itself-mirroring to itself in itself-as-mirror, and we now comprehend this as a hall of mirrors in infinite "space." The stepping to the side and seeing the line between one image and the mirror and an infinite "meta-space" of meaning and non-meaning, this is how mirroring is itself seen. From this angle we see the frame mirroring itself. This movement is not our movement but is in fact stillness, of seeing that the mirror itself moves."

-Jean-Luc Heilegra, from a footnote about this Gasoline Alley Sunday strip in Method and Being


Luke Pearson


An excerpt from my adaptation of Thomas Hardy’s Channel Firing, which appears in Above the Dreamless Dead: World War I in Poetry and Comics.

The book’s out now!


(Hellstar Remina, Junji Itō c. 2005)


This timeline of the history of information has some outstanding rabbit-holes: multiple entries on the history of magnetic card readers, Plimpton 322 (a cuneiform tablet called “the most famous original document of Babylonian mathematics”), and a whole series on crimes, forgeries, and…